Masterminds 2016 Reviews And Ratings – Live Updates

Look out for the first day reviews and response along with ratings from critics as well as live audience for latest released American crime action thriller film “Masterminds” which has hit theaters on 14th October 2016. The movie was released in America and some other countries 2 weeks back from its India release. The movie is expected to make a good business in India by seeing old records of Hollywood movies released back in year 2016. The movie got 2.8 to 3.2 stars ratings from critics for overall performance of the film.


The projection of Jared Hess’s direction makes movie watchable for real life story based on a robbery of $17 million from cash van. The performance by the lead of the film has been also appreciated by critics and live audience mood got lighter by Zach Gailfianakis and Owen Wilson’s coming timings together.

Chris Bowman, Hubbel Palmer and Emily Spivey who are the main lead behind the script of the movie has superbly visualized the real story into a comic action thriller film. To which Erik Wilson’s cinematographic work and Keith Brachmann & David Rennie’s editing is superb.

Reviews and Response – Updates:

REVIEW: #Masterminds was an okay film. Felt very all over the place. Would have been a lot better as a drama. 4/10 #BasedOnATrueStory

— Sam’s Movie Review’s (@SamsMovieReview) October 14, 2016

Just saw the movie “Masterminds”
-hella lmao’s
-humor wasnt all slapstick which was nice
-Zach Galifinakis was lovely
-Dad Review 9/10 ✅

— ItsFringe (@fringelyly) October 12, 2016

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