The Founder 2017 HD Trailer Stills Feat Michael Keaton Wiki Details

Look out for the wiki details of Michael Keaton lead stare upcoming American biographical drama film “The Founder”. The story of the movie is based on Ray Kroc, how he founded the McDonald by taking risks, breaking rules and changing game for ever. The makers has released the second trailer of the movie where Michael Keaton’s frustration and anger were totally seen for not achieving things what he wanted to in his life. The movie is release in limited screens on 7th December 2017 where it made business of $1.5 million. The movie will come out completely for audiences in theaters on 20th January 2017 under The Weinstein Company banner.

‘The Founder’ Official Trailer (2016) | Michael Keaton

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John Lee Hancock has narrated the direction of the movie along with its screenplay. The movie will be presented by Don Handfield, Jeremy Renner and Aaron Ryder with association of FilmNation Entertainment, Faliro House Productions and The Combine production house. Robert Siegel has written down the story of the biopic history drama upcoming film “The Founder”.


With the lead role of Michael Keaton, movie is also starring Nick Offerman, John Carroll Lynch, Linda Cardellini, Patrick Wilson, B. J. Novak and Laura Dern in lead. Where as Kimberly Battista, Catherine Dyer, Devon Ogden, Carla Shinall, Emilia Bella, Mike Pniewski, Griff Furst and many more are in supporting roles.

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