Urvi 2017 Kannada Full Free Movie Download HD MP4 3gp

Urvi is 2017 released Kannada crime and drama film which got released in theaters on 17th March 2017 worldwide . The movie has opened to mixed reactions from critics as well as live audience on first day of release. The movie couldn’t match up the hype which was made before the release of the movie. Though after getting mixed reactions from critics and audience, movie started its day with over 80% occupancy rate which is higher than expected. With occupancy rate of the film on first day it is expected to collect around 1 to 2.5 cr on firs day of release. Also movie has got sound number of screens where it got released in theaters along with other Kannada release from where it will face tough competition. The movie has been rated with 2.8 stars out of of 5 stars while audience has rate movie with 2.9 stars. The story of the movie is said to interesting and intriguing which binds audience in theaters. Enjoy 2017 released Kannada full crime drama movie Urvi in available high quality formats of HD, MP4, 3GP, 1080p and 720p online through different modes.

The direction of the released Kannada crime based drama film Urvi is directed by B.S Pradeep Varma who has himself penned the story of the movie. The movie is presented by B.R.P. Bhat under Airier Drreams production banner. With direction and story writing, B.S. Pradeep Sharma has also narrated the screenplay of the film.

Urvi 2017 released Kannada film has featured Shruthi Hariharan, Shraddha Srinath, Shweta Pandit, Jhanvi, Bhavani Prakash, Madhukar and Prabhu Mundkur on which story of the movie revolves. The music of the movie is composed by Manoj George. Where as cinematography of the movie is handled by Anand Sundaresha while editing of the movie is done by Surya Teja.

The story of the movie Urvi revolves around Shruthi Harisharan, Sharaddha Srinath and Shweta Pandit who goes on to take revenge from the person due to which their lives got affected which is main crux of the film.

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